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Most businesses are open 40 hours a week; that leaves 128 hours of the week for your phone calls to go unanswered or to be answered by a machine. Give your customers the reassurance that they need. Let them talk to a live, helpful, friendly answering service operator who understands that every call that they take is the most important call.
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Founded in 1936 as the Doctor's Exchange, American Inbound is currently one of the largest answering services in the country and maintains a database of over 1000 clients. Whether your company requires basic after hour messaging or state of the art order entry, our operators are here 24 hours a day to serve you and your clients. We have a back up UPS power system with 20KVA generator support that provides us 24 hour messaging with or without power!!! 

We pride ourselves on having the most polite, professional, and best trained operators in the business. Your calls will be answered promptly and correctly.  The information retrieved from your clients will then be dispatched to you by the method you see fit. All of our calls are digitally recorded, enabling us to ensure accuracy, and the ability to monitor our operators. Most answering services do not possess this capability. 

We dispatch your calls according to your preference and what works best for your company. Pagers can be leased from American Inbound to provide another line of communication to your employees from our operators. We can also relay messages by calling offices, cell phones, home phones, cell phone text messages, email, faxes, and any combination of these methods. Please test our answering service by calling: 1-800-905-8051 to leave a message with one of our operators.

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Answering Service Sample Account Answering Service Blog Answering Service Quotes

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